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Medical Law and Ethics Ch 2 Key Terms Part 1

Such as negligence, occur when a patient is injured as a result of the health care professional's not exercising the ordinary standard of care
The legal process by which facts are discovered before a trial
Oral testimony that is made before a public officer of the court to be used in a lawsuit
Making false and or malicious statements about another person
Any publication in print, writing, pictures or signs that injuries the reputation of another
Laws enacted by state and federal legislatures
Evidence showing that more likely than not the incident occurred
That division of law that covers acts that result in harm to another; covers wrongful acts
Give up a right
Imminent apprehension of bodily harm
An agreement that is entered into orally or in writing
A serious crime that carries a punishment of death or imprisonment for more than one year; murder, rape, robbery
Evidence that is almost an absolute certainty that a person did commit a crime
Speaking false and malicious words concerning another person that brings injury to his/her reputation
The inviolable rights, privileges, or immunities secured and protected for each citizen by the Constitution of the US
Closing speech or summary made by the attorneys for both the plaintiff and the defendant
In contract law, something of value given as part of an agreement
Lawsuit filed by one or more people on behalf of a larger group of people affected by the same situation
When one has been intentionally or deliberately injured by another
Also called case law, is based on decisions made by judges
Rules or laws made by agencies
A person who brings a criminal lawsuit on behalf of the government
Set up to protect the people from the harmful acts of others
Capable of making a decision without mental confusion due to drugs, alcohol, or other reasons