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Medical Law and Ethics Ch. 2 Part 2

Also called common law, is based on decisions made by judges
Less serious offenses than felonies, punishable by fines or imprisonment of up to one year
The failure, without legal excuse, to perform any promise or to carry out any terms of an agreement
No one branch of the government would have more power than another, each branch is scrutinized by other branches of government
The illegal appropriation of property, usually money, by a person entrusted with its possession
A serious crime that carries a punishment of death or imprisonment for more than one year; murder, rape, robbery
The power to hear a case
Formal written statements
One in which court action is brought by the government against a person or group accused of committing a crime
A written charge presented to the court by the grand jury against a defendant
Judge's ruling to end a lawsuit without a trial based on a matter of law presented in the pleadings
Neglect of an understanding between two parties; failing to perform a legal duty
Bodily harm and unlawful touching
One who through education, training or experience has special knowledge about a subject and gives testimony about the subject in court
Latin phrase meaning 'let the decision stand"