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An instrument that measures atmospheric pressure
Sound caused by expansion of air along electrical strike
The most common atmospheric gas
The short term state of atmosphere
The upper most layer of the atmosphere
A collection of small water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air which forms when the air is cooled and condensation occurs
Increase in average global temperature
The amount of water vapor in the air
An electric discharge that takes place between two oppositely charged surfaces such as a cloud and the ground
The warming of the surface and lower atmosphere when gases absorb and reradiate thermal energy
Region that surronds equator
A large body where temperature and moisture content are similar throughout
The change of state from gas to liquid
Average weather conditions
A instrument used to measure wind speed
The transfer of energy as electromagnetic waves
The movement of air caused by differences in air pressure
Temperature increases as altitude increases
Boundaries between different densities and usually temperatures
The ratio of water vapor in air and amount of water vapor the air can hold at a set temperature
A mixture of gases that surrounds a planet or mood
The distance north or south from the equator expressed in degrees
Any form of water that falls to earth's surface from the clouds
Heavy rain storm that also consists of strong winds lightning and thunderstorm
Rotating column of air that has very high winds
The measure of force with which air molecules push on surface
A storm that develops over tropical oceans
Area where temperature decreases as altitude increases