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Mississippi trial crossword

How many years has it been since Hiram has seen his grandfather
Who does Hiram meet when he gets off the train
Who was the main character
What's Hiram's last name
Where does Hiram want to take the train from
How old was Hiram when he visited his grandpa
Other then the murders who was there when Emmit got hurt
What river did they throw Emmett into
Does Hiram want to move
What did R.C. force down Emmitt's throat
Where is he taking the train to
What were Milam and Bryant accused of
What does Hiram experience first hand
How many days was the train ride
Who does Hiram promise not to say anything about R.C. at the trial
What did the lady in the pharmacy hear
What did grandpa not want Hiram to do
Where did Hiram grow up
What does Hiram's grandfather have happen
Who did Hiram go fishing with