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vertical lines which correspond to the zeroes of the denominator of a rational function .
two sides of a graph on either side look like mirror images of each other.
a mutual relationship or connection between two or more things.
the greatest or highest amount possible or attained.
when it still looks the same after a rotation (of less than one full turn).
are horizontal lines the graph approaches.
is the greatest factor that divides two numbers.
of a function is the complete set of all possible resulting values of the dependent variable (y, usually)
an algebraic expression of the sum or the difference of two terms.
of a function is the complete set of possible values of the independent variable.
f this line is the value of y at the point where the line crosses the y axis.
make or become smaller or fewer in size, amount, intensity, or degree.
(plural matrices) is a rectangular array of numbers, symbols, or expressions, arranged in rows and columns.
(sometimes called Line Symmetry or Mirror Symmetry)
asymptotic analysis is a method of describing limiting behavior
become or make greater in size, amount, intensity, or degree.
are the numbers that multiply the variables or letters.
the least or smallest amount or quantity possible, attainable, or required.
no quantity or number; naught; the figure 0.
is a point on the graph where y is zero