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Easter Atheism

John 11:25, Psalm 53:1
Resurrected. If Jesus is not __, my Faith is in vain & my sins R not 4given. 1 Corinthians 15:17
Moral sham. If worry is practical atheism, a fearful believer is a kind of __
Executive order. If a leader is a liar, a lech & a big-mouthed bully, any __ he issues is as suspect as he is
Time past (Old English). Days of __
Los Angeles (ab)
Biblical high priest or NFL QB
Miraculous. Christ's resurrection was __, but so is all of creation
Is it safe 2 die as an atheist? Rev21:8
Famous rootbeer
At the top. Put God __ & He will give U an Easter basket of delights. Psalm 37:4
Return to see. B4 your afterlife becomes an aftermath, __ the B.I.B.L.E. to find Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!
Aphorism. An __ 4 atheists: If U R living like there is no God, U better be right
Sicily volcano
Magnificent. A Christian's perishable body will be made __ with immortality after resurrection. 1 Corinthians 15
Old Testament name 4 God, __ Shaddai
A "sister" with a "dark habit"
Plead. Confined 2 hell 4ever, many will __ 4 a 2nd chance after death & be denied. Luke 16:19
Shadows. Light has come into the world, but some prefer __ b/c their deeds R evil. John 3:19
Links. The cross __ man 2 God
Not out. Ask Jesus 4 4giveness 2 get __ heaven
Not me. __ will perish if U do not love the Truth that can save your soul. 2 Thessalonians 2:10
Initial act. An Easter pageant may depict the crucifixion of Christ as an __, but His resurrection is the closer
United States __ America
Endless afterlife. Those who depart this life in Christ will enjoy __. 1 Thess.4:18
Cacophony. Easter hymns like He Arose are __ in atheists' ears
Paradigm. Jesus was the __ of humility as He allowed Himself 2 be crucified by sinners 4 their sins
Possess. U might profess but not __ salvation. Matt7:21
False gods.. All the gods of the nations R __. Psalm 96:5
Tarnish. False accusers tried 2 __ Jesus' reputation @ His bogus trial B4 crucifixion. John 18
Prefix 4 new
Archipelago. Hawaiian __ incl Maui, Kauai, Oahu & Big Island
This boy pharaoh did not fulfill Messianic prophecies
Comfort. Jesus' post-resurrection appearances helped 2 __ His followers' fears
Raising from the dead. The __ of Jesus is the cornerstone of Christianity
Debt tab note
Observers. The risen Christ was seen by over 500 __. 1Corinth15:6
An atheist accepts neither creation __ conscience as evidence 4 the existence of God. Romans 1
Soul. Atheism is rather on the lip than in the __ of man. Francis Bacon
Multiple. Bible says only Christ leads 2 Heaven, not __ paths. John 14:6, Acts 4:12, Psalm 96:5
Spirituality. Atheism is the __ of fools. Oswald Chambers
International League (ab)
Iniquities. If U do not believe that I am He, the Son of God, U will die in your __. John 8:24
Registered nurse (ab)
Cover with asphalt. A wise soul will __ the way with prayer
A distance. Sinners preferred 2 view the crucifixion from __
Male name & elevator company
80s rock band, __ Speedwagon
Tight fit. Her pet was __ as a bug in a rug in his blanket
Scottish male name. __ Fleming created James Bond
Act. What I __ with God now determines what He does with me later
The Almighty. In all unbelief there R 2 things: a good opinion of self & a bad opinion of __. Jay Adams
Easter has its __ & downs like Christ's death & resurrection
Exist. 2 __ or not 2 __, that is the ?
Like, while
Grounded. All sin is __ in unbelief. Billy Graham
Long period of time
Vitality. There is no __ in unbelief. George MacDonald
Instructs. Scripture __ us of Christ's sacrificial substitutionary atonement 4 our sins
Yes vote
Agony. Unbelievers will suffer __ 4ever. Revelation 20:10
Spanish #1 or card game
Piers or Egyptian towers
Weeping fluid. If U preach on hell, @ least do it with __ in your eyes. Moody
Fool, moron. The __ has said in his heart, There is no God. Psalm 53:1
Capital of Norway
Spanish 4 yes
Old Testament name 4 God, __ Shaddai
Arts & Entertainment (ab)
European Union (ab)