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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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6th Grade Math Vocab Review

Per one hundred
A:B or A/B or A to B
Middle of the road
A number divisible by itself and 1
The number that comes before a variable in a term
The cost of just 1 item
All "4" it!
Must have an Equal sign
4 of these in the coordinate plane
Not equal
A figure that consists of more than one shape
Algebraic terms without an equal sign
% of data represented between Q1 and Q3
Type of question that has more than one answer/outcome.
I'll never cross you
The result of a multiplication probelm
A positive or negative number on a number line. Cannot be a fraction or decimal.
Letters that are established for words in algebra
Add em' up
If I have this word in an FSA word problem, I know I should be dividing
All the numbers and letters in an algebraic equation or expression
1/9 9/1 = 1
Mrs. Oliver