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Cell Structure II (edited)

A bond that holds amino acids together
Favorite food served in a hut?
Stacks like pancakes that modify proteins for cell export
Endoplasmic ____; like a coiled python?
Gives strength & protection; the plant cell ____
U.S. Dept. of State was CEO of this oil company
Non-condensed DNA
When the cell engulfs substances; ATP required
Organelle that runs the cell w/ DNA plans.
When the cell takes in substances; ATP required
Golgi is like this packaging & shipping company
Like a donkey or a Jack___
Makes the RNA of the cell
Type of ribosomes that are unattached; a romance breakup?
Cell site where proteins are made
Many citizens pay these in April
Prefix for life?
Type of ER like cool students; makes lipids, hormones & detoxifies substances
Type of ER that makes proteins & lipids; studded w/ ribsomomes
Tiny sacs made by ER & Golgi for transporting substances
VT governor
Process that copies the nucleus prior to cell division.
Trump put in Pruitt; both think GCC is a "hoax"
Canals of the ER or Golgi
Like a curse? Not our English teacher!
Trump says he will help WV w/ jobs by burning more of this
2 bundles of dynamite; makes the spindle fibers
Cell death
Sacs that hold and store food and waste
Call a cab or get a _____
Earth's planetary life source?
LR Librarian?
Sacs that contain digestive enzymes; can digest the cell
When a cell makes & releases a substance
Keys on the outside of the cell membrane; waiting for a protein signal
VT Senator &n pres candidate
2nd hottest planet
Acronym for protein function
Lance Armstrong's riding team; also like Golgi's job but different a FED Co.
1st syllable for the 1st element of PT