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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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All About Abraham Lincoln

Read the clues below and fill in the boxes with the correct answers across and down.
Who shot President Abraham Lincoln?
Lincoln used the _________ to talk to generals during the war.
He was Lincoln's Vice President
Which holiday did President Lincoln establish?
What executive order freed slaves in 10 states on Janary 1, 1863?
Which Amendment outlawed slavery?
Which coin does President Lincoln appear on?
President Lincoln was the first president to be ____________ in office.
In 1836, Abraham Lincoln wanted women to have the right to ____.
President Abraham Lincoln was the first president to have a ________.
What famous speech did Lincoln give at the end of the Civil War?
Abraham Lincoln kept important papers inside his ____________.
Where was President Lincoln shot?
Abraham Lincoln enjoyed this sport as a young man
Name of President Lincoln's dog.