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Geography 9/10

Local, harsh military rule
Spanish term for soccer
Generic term for a Spanish conqueror of the Americas
A person of Native American & European descent
Literary movement of the late 1800's in which artists did art for its own sake
Govenor of a country or province who rules as a representative of their king & queen
Term used in Spanish and Portuguese colonies to describe someone of mixed African & European descent
An arrangement of knotted strings on a cord to record numerical information used by the Inca People
Large landed estate or plantation in Brazil ,usually producing coffee or sugar and dependent on slaves
Geographically distinct versions of a single language that varies from its parent form
Poor nutrition resulting from an insufficient or unbalanced diet
Raised fields constructed alongside shores in Mesoamerica to increase agricultural yeilds
An image created by the assembly of many small colored pieces, e.g. tiles