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Physical Science Chemical Changes & Reactions

When a chemical reaction is written out using words.
The distinguishing feature is the formation of a single product.
Substances that are present before a chemical change takes place.
What needs to be added in order for decomposition of a substance to occur.
XY + Z → ZY + X
Symbol for heat in a chemical reaction.
One of the results of a chemical reaction.
Substances that result from a chemical change.
This takes place when substances react to form new substances.
Distinguishing feature is two reactants and two products whose ions exchange places.
Show that matter is conserved.
Chemical equation that shows the number and arrangement of each element/ compound.
Reactions that break apart or decompose a substance.
Reaction where heat is given off.
A chemical equation that has the same number of atoms on both sides of the equation.
When a solid separates from a liquid; indicated by the down arrow.
Reaction where heat is required.