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31 Interesting Facts about France


Period:_____________    Date:___________
The world's greatest cycle race.
It is illegal to name a pig ____________ in France.
The father of canning
A foreign word the Academie Francaise attempted to ban.
French author of the world's longest novel.
A 17th century French thinker.
In France with special permission you can marry a _______ ________
France's official name.
The highest mountain in the French Alps.
Reading and writing system for the blind.
France's nickname
You might get one of these stuck to your back on April Fools Day.
Comes from the French verb "to make up for the stage"
French law requires unsold food be donated to....
It is against the law to carry these on a high speed train in France without its own ticket.
Region where France gets most of its Snails.
Allows sounds to be recorded visually.
A way of weighing and counting invented by the French.
In 2014, according to the OECD France had the highest______ _____ in Europe
Approximately 1 million French people speak this language.
King of France for only 20 minutes.
France's top media regulator