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Experiencing Music Vocabulary

Highness or lowness of sound
African rattle or shaker
The speed of music
A mallet percussion instrument made up of a row of tuned wooden bars
Pattern of pulses
Mushroom shaped drum from the west coast of Africa
Instruments that produce sound by striking or shaking
Keyboard instrument that produces sound by hammers striking strings
Musical instruments that produce sound by means of vibrating strings
A timed pause in the music; timed silence
Tone color
Succession of musical tones
Loudness of sound
Instruments usually made of wood that use air and a reed to produce sound
African tube drum
Shakers made from gourds with dried seeds inside used in Latin American music
Sounding of two or more tones at the same time
A pair of attached small drums-one high pitch, one low pitch- used in Latin American music
Family of wind instruments made of brass or silver that flare into a bell at the end
Set of five lines and four spaces used for musical notation