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John 11:25 Easter changes everything!
Palm Sunday celebrations recall Jesus' triumphant entry into this Holy Land holy city
Requests. Whoever __ Jesus 2 be saved will be. Romans 10:13
Public relations (ab)
Do this @ a green light
Skeptical. Roman soldiers were __ of Jesus' popularity
Inter. Roman soldiers tried 2 __ Jesus, but He rose from the grave
Northeast (ab)
Transgressors. Christ Jesus came into the world 2 save __. 1 Timothy 1:15
Sanctuary. Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem then entered the __
Above. After His resurrection, Jesus ascended __ 2 heaven. Acts 1:9
Jesus' birth cut the timeline of history into BC & __
Burial linens. The only thing left in Jesus' tomb were __ (2 wds)
Exist. 2 __ or not 2 __, that is the ?
Was Bethany far from Jerusalem?
Miraculous. Jesus' resurrection was supernatural, but so was creation & all of life
Yours & mine. __ Father who art in Heaven... Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
Joined together. Duplicity by a dirty dictator corrupts the __ States
Extraterrestrial movie
Only ladder 2 Heaven. Christ bore our own sins in his body on the __. 1 Peter2:24
Waving palm branches on the Mount of Olives, crowds yelled 2 Jesus: "__ in the Highest!"
Abyss. Ask Jesus 4 4giveness of all sin 2 prevent damnation in the flaming __. Revelation 9:2
God calls Himself "I __ that I __" (also abrv 4 morning)
Decide. Whether I repent & receive Christ's sacrificial death 4 my sins will __ my fate
Beneficial. __ Friday was bad news 4 Satan 3 days later (Easter!)
Messiah who rode down Mount of Olives on a donkey on Palm Sunday
Resurrected. Jesus' tomb sign reads: He is __!
Curve, crescent
Pride. A big __ leads 2 big problems
Hill. Jesus rode a donkey down the __ of Olives
Bone head. Golgotha means Place of the __
Declare. Some __ there is no resurrection (1 Corinth15:12), but Jesus said, I am the Resurrection. John 11:25
Put-downs. Passers-by hurled __ @ Christ on the cross. Mark 15:29
View. Faith is 4 things U hope 4, even though U don't yet __ the evidence. Hebrews 11:1
Main area of a church
Easter or Jewish feast of Egypt exodus
Merits. Jesus' sacrificial death __ my salvation
Post office (ab)
Calvary, site of Jesus' crucifixion
Soaks up. A devout soul __ the full significance of Easter
Roman ruler who put Jesus on trial
Grieved. She __ not as 1 w/o hope b/c Jesus rose again & she knew they would be resurrected 4 all eternity w/her. 1Thess4:13
Body of Egypt's King __ was found in Valley of the Kings, but Jesus' tomb was found empty on Easter
Resurrection Sunday. __ changed everything!
Vacant. Jesus' tomb was found __ on Easter
Issue. The main __ of Scripture is salvation from sin
Remedy. The cross is the only __ 4 sin
Iniquity. If I redefine sin as a psychological disorder I won't repent & be saved from damnation
Text 4 "Oh my God!"
Tally. Secret 2 happiness: Count your blessings as others __ up their troubles