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Acoustical Physics Puzzle Ch 1

Related to change in shape
Length or distance of a single cycle
Greater than 20,000 Hz
Concentration of energy in a sound beam
Type of wave that carries energy, not matter, from place to place
The rate that work is performed or the rate of energy transfer
The rate that sound travels through a medium
Areas of lower pressure and density
Measure of particle motion
Between 20 Hz & 20,000 Hz
Out of phase waves
Concentration of mass within a volume
Constructive interference
Number of certain events that occur in a particular time duration
When two waves overlap at the same location and at the same time, they combine into a single new wave
Particles move in a perpendicular direction
Less than 20 Hz
Time required to complete a single cycle
Particles move in the same direction
Areas of higher pressure and density
Concentration of force within an area
Related to weight
Difference between the average value and the maximum value of an acoustic variable