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Surgical Instruments

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A type of elevator use in ear surgery.
A type of bronchus clamp.
Straight or curved, these scissors are used to either cut suture or dissect thick tissue.
A type of self-retaining retractor.
A rongeur used extensively in surgery of the spine and in neurosurgery.
An instrument used in laparoscopy to manipulate the uterus for increased structure visibility.
A small fine needle holder used in plastic surgery.
A type of clamp used to grasp thick tissue, like a hemorrhoid.
A type of tenotomy scissors used in ophthalmic surgery.
A type of clamp used for thicker tissue.
A type of bone-holding clamp.
A type of osteotome.
A type of suction tip meant to be used during abdominal surgery.
Forceps used to remove stones in biliary surgery.
A type of rib retractor.
A type of rib approximator.
A kind of hemostat that has a fine tapered point. Dr. Huchton uses these when dissecting the thyroid.
A type of speculum often used in OB/GYN.