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Chemistry Lab Safety

Teacher: Bane
The acronym (letters) used to remind you of the correct steps for using a fire extinguisher.
This may only be handled when given specific permission.
This safety equipment needs to be used for 15-20 minutes.
When this breaks it should be put into a special container.
These should be read thoroughly before you begin a lab.
You should never work _____ in the lab.
Something you cannot do in the lab because of possible contamination.
This safety equipment should only be used in dire emergencies because there is no drain beneath it.
These should be put on before entering the lab and should stay on until clean-up is completed.
These should be closed-toed when working in the lab.
This should be reported to the teacher immediately.
The number of exits in your science classroom.
The technique used to identify the smell of a chemical.
These should be pointed away from yourself and others when heating.
This person determines how to dispose of waste materials.
The type of clothing that should be tied back before entering the lab.
The substance you should wash your hands with before you leave the lab.
The fume ____ vents noxious gases to the outside.