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A Literal Crossword God Tasteless

Taps T, say
Bigass "Dark Souls" doggo
Actress Stone, and others
John in England?
C'est la vie, mon ___
Secret GSL champ notebook?
Old space station
Blue stuff from a probe: abbr.
French article
Metzen output
One of 206, often
Grack, if he dropped a letter (and planned financially for the future)
Like swimming pools in my nightmares
GSL champ that excites NASA?
_____ Us, cringeworthy 1995 single about God
_____ Wars
Makes tight, as a rope
Things often found on /r/pics
Channel your _____ Maru and drop everywhere
Potential economy annihilators
GSL champ's woodsy retreat?
Nexus obstacle, sometimes: abbr.
____ to self
Elemental spell staple in RPGs
Valerian, vis-a-vis Arcturus
Thing you're with, in the rear
Noisy faux pistol
Japanese demons (or a Bungie game with a purple haired protagonist)
GSL champ looks really sour after a loss?
Wordworking tool
Thing you might say to Shatner, on set
Creative first name?
Norma ___
Gaem descriptor
Came up
Administer some Chlordiazepoxide, perhaps
PC alternative
Lady's Secret or Genuine Risk, e.g.
Load time reducer: abbr.
Terrible dancer in the episode 'The Little Kicks'
Ginormous Asian island
Terran all-in accompaniment: slang
Questionable plural of warriors also called 'bushi'
"It's the same old shit every day"
Elemental spell staple in RPGs
"Outta here!"
Trumpian tweet ender
___ Cool, drummer
Type of firmware
Foist (upon)
Dank, maybe
___ Deighton, writer
Gigantic insect reaction word
Sext medium, maybe
Bunker build time increased by 5 seconds, e.g.
___ na nÓg, Irish Otherworld (look, it sorta looks like 17a, okay?)
It may 'want none' under certain circumstances
Get together to complain about conditions, maybe
Groot inspiration (I'm guessing)
Mini _____, 2015 rail transit puzzle game
What the Jack of Spades usually has
Left your network, maybe
Start to puncture?
Osaka cash
What a phoenix might do (in myth or in Starcraft)
Bag brand
Drug ____
Windows Vista interface word
Zealot's favorite Greek letters?
Thing you might sign before seeing something super cool: abbr.