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Wood Working Terminology

A waste piece of lumber
the part of a table between the legs that attaches the base to the top
a hand saw that is stabilized with a rigid spine along the back of the blade
a thick wedge of wood used to fill a gap or make a surface level
A metal ring secured around a smaller piece of metal or wood to reinforce it.
refers to work done on a lathe
Power tool used to carve thin slices from a board to straighten or square a surface or edge
used for paring and light chopping; edges are beveled to allow access to inside corners of joints
a chisel-like turning or carving tool with a curved edge
machine used for turning wood on an axis
a power tool that consists of a motor and blade that are suspended above the table from an arm that pivots at the rear and upon which the motor slides
A small hole drilled in your work that is intended to guide a fastener.
Primarily used in commercial applications, the interlocking joints reinforce and align panel joints.
the wood of any coniferous tree
mature wood that forms the spine of a tree
the shaft of a bit or cutter that is gripped in a tool by a chuck or a collet
To sharpen
a comprehensive list of all the needed parts for a project, including the name of each piece needed, and the dimensions of each piece
This joint offers great strength and rigidity for box work, especially drawers and case pieces.
The wood removed by a saw blade between the piece you keep and your offcut.
To cut a cone-shaped recess in a pilot or clearance hole that allows a flat-head screw to seat flush or below the surface; also, the hole itself.
To drill a hole before driving a nail.
the act of making true, as in square, flat, concentric or balanced
a narrow strip of wood that is glued in corresponding grooves to join pieces of wood
a wood-boring device or bit
A three-sided trench cut with the grain of a board.
A cut parallel to the grain of a board.
a combination or iron, carbon and alloy metal (usually tungsten) used to make hard, brittle but long-lasting material used for cutting edges of bits and blades
a small wafer of wood that is inserted and glued to an edge groove between two pieces of wood to be joined
the portion of a screw length below the head that has threads on it
the wood from any number of flowering, fruit- or nut-bearing trees
a handsaw used with a miter box; a power saw, similar to a circular saw, that cuts miters
A beveled or grooved edge that is 45°.
a power tool using a vertical, reciprocating blade; used for cutting different kinds of materials depending on the type of blade used
a cylindrical length of wood used for making joints by inserting a length into two corresponding holes and gluing with clamp pressure