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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Greg's father who seems to be annoyed with everything that hits him in life.
A very short indian boy that greg does not pay much attention too
A dangerous kid who Greg hates
Greg's nice great aunt
Frank's old dog when he was a young boy and his dad ran him over.
The wimpy kid who has terrible luck (aka the main character/storyteller/ narrator
Rowley's dad and not a big fan of greg.
A loving mom who loves to ruin Greg's life
The most disgusting and weirdest kid anyone can think of.
He is the one who gives Greg the most trouble
The family dog
Greg's best friend who obviously gets better luck than him
An very unpredictable and unexpected relative
He doesn't talk much but he is Greg's great uncle
Greg's arch-nemesis
Someone who can't stop marrying people
The only kid who broke "The Last Name Rule"
The most annoying little brother anyone could ask for
Frank's cousin who he doesn't like
A bad older brother who is very mean
Rowley's worried concerned mother
Greg has a huge crush on her