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Spelling, pag. 79

Mrs. Terry's desk is rarely __________.
Why did the chicken cross the __________?
I saw a __________ butt a boy with his horns.
I used a worm as __________ on my hook.
Have you ever ridden on a __________?
Many people put __________ in their coffee.
I have a sore ______
I get wool from a __________,
I got a sunburn on my __________.
Do not __________ on your test.
Please _______ for me so we can go together.
Have you read the story about Goldilocks and the __________ Bears?
Please sit down in your __________.
My dog has a long __________.
I wear a __________ when it is cold.
Wheat is a type of __________.
I love to swim at the __________ in Florida.
I saw Beauty and the _______
We ate __________ in Mrs. Terry's class.
I _________ some chocolate!
The ___________ in Florida has many sandy beaches.
A __________ is a red vegetable.
The __________ on my bike was broken.
I filled my __________ with water.