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Russian Geography

Number of continents Russia exists on
_____ of such a huge territory has proved problematic.
Russia's climate is described as severely _____.
The Volga River empties into the _____ Sea.
The _____ River serves as part of the voundary between Russia and China.
Part of Russia known for brutal weather
The largest/deepest lake in Russia
Russia is fabulously rich in _____.
Number of months soil stays frozen in nothern European Russia
There are no truly impressive mountain ranges in Russia except at its ________.
Most of Russia is an immense _____ which was once the bottom of a huge sea.
Temperatures _____ during the summer in European Russia.
The _____ Federation is the largest country in the world geographically.
There are a variety of _____ across the Eurasian plains.
A brutal land of swamps, moss, peat and shrubs
Russia's longest coastline is on the _____ Ocean.
An ancient mountain range in Russia
Russia's first important trade routes
Two huge forested belts account for over half of the territory of the Soviet Union.