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First Nations and New France

Henry Hudson was set ______ by his crew
The Wendat lived in _________
The chief of Stadacona's name was _________
_____ was the first Coureur de Bois
John Cabot's Italian name was _____
Champlain was a Sailor, Map Maker and a ______
Jean de Brebeuf was a ______ priest
Cartier went on ____ voyages
The Wendat had over 40 000 people before _____ came
Champlain formed a military alliance with ________
_______ was the first permanent settlement in New France
The English explorer _____ was a fisherman
Cartier and Champlain were both from ______
The people of Stadacona were part of the ______
John Cabot told England that there were lots of ___ at the new land
______ said "no black robe, no trade"
Cartier thought he found gold but he only found ______
Champlain stayed in the ________ over winter
Cartier placed a _____ that said "Long live the King of France"
Champlain moved ______ closer to the First Nations