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Hannibal & Rome!

Hannibal was a general of this city-state.
Lowest members of Rome's class system.
The name for the wars between Rome and Carthage.
Noble class in Ancient Rome.
Battle where Hannibal slaughtered superior Roman forces thanks to his tactics.
The highest elected official in Rome.
Hannibal's death was due to this.
According to Romans, this meant exactly what it said--no exceptions.
The civilization in control of most of the Mediterranean coasts, including Sicily and Carthage.
Founder of Rome.
The continent that Carthage is located in.
The general that defeated Hannibal.
A type of victory where your losses were so great, it doesn't really count as a "victory."
The mountain range Hannibal went over w/ elephants.
The Roman senator that ended all speeches by proposing Carthage be destroyed.