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Passover & Easter Vocabulary

Teacher: Taking Flight to Higher Heights
Swarming, crop-eating grasshopper
Develop from reason or deduction
Mixture of chopped nuts, apples and spices eaten at a seder
Identification with the feelings of others
Kill, often violently
Act of restoring honor, worth, or reputation
To save from destruction or death
A rebirth or coming to life again
Ancient Egyptian ruler or king
An official order
Holiday commemorating the Hebrew exodus from Egypt
Spring Christian holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus
Unleavened bread in the form of a large cracker
A departure, usually on a large scale
Treat cruelly or torment
To honor, to remember
Made from dough with no yeast or rising agent
Ancient name for the earliest Jewish tribes
Keeping established traditions
To give up or weaken
Epidemic of an infectious disease or pests
Commemorative dinner held during Passover