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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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2014/2015 Physical Education

Teacher: Coach Brewster Cunning
You are injured if you do this to a muscle
This is a type of pass that you learned
This is where the blood picks up oxygen
What do you when you don't lose or tie
You do this when you move with a ball in basketball and football
This is a throwing event using a metal ball
"______ baaaaallllll!!"
This is something you can trip on if it isn't tied
This is a jumping event
"You are ___ lucky" is what you might say if someone makes a shot they shouldn't have
Operation Room abbreviation
You will do this if you don't dribble the ball
Your Coach thinks this football player is overrated
__________ and Field
Spanish word for "the"
James Bond is one of these
He lived in the Degoba system
This isn't a walk, but it isn't a run
This is your father's brother
Spanish word for how many points a free throw is worth
"___________ hand only!"
Coach hates to do this
Canadian's use this word a lot, and American's make fun of them for it
If a football team only has 10 players on the field, someone has been shown one
The person about to be knighted did this
The opposite of losing, in the past tense
This is one trip around a track
They have pointy ears in Lord of the Rings
It is the only break during a football game
"Don't ______ on me!"
There are two of these on a basketball court
Coaches might say this if they want the whole team to circle around them
If you combing it with B it means there's no one better
Muscle in your upper arm
The winner of the last World Cup
If you're not good, you might be this
The shape of a football or a basketball
"Phys. ___" is what this class is called in America
You might use this measurement instead of meters
This is used in the USA to add young players to a professional team
"_ ______ running!" is something your coach has said alot in his life
This is a sound John can make with his hands
You have to jump over one of these in a lot of jumping events
People in the USA who love guns are part of this organization
Every athlete needs to learn how to deal with one of these
There are 400 of these on a standard track
This is the major chemical your body uses for energy
The capital of host for the last World Cup
Your coach doesn't appreciate it when you give him this
Combine it with "ming" and it will probably jump off a cliff in an old video game
Nothing but net
"___ phone home"
You get one of these when you win a championship usually
This is the white stripe located somewhere behind a basket
Usain Bolt has won this 6 times
This is a fitness class where you might ride a bike without going anywhere
When playing sports it's important to remember to have this
"Pass me the ball, I'm _______!"
The _______ lane on a track is the longest one
"It's only a ________" is important to remember as an athlete
In highschool you get these after the other team has fouled your team for the 7th time
These are connected to your bones by tendons.
Combine it with "de" and you should do it when the other team has the ball
When you keep the ball from hitting the court in volleyball
This is what a football does on the ground
How many points you get if you shoot from inside the three point line
If you get punched in the face you might have a "fat" one
Slang name for the United States' last president
Spanish word for "yes"
In baseball, if you are a field player and you don't catch an easy ball, you have made this
"________ and fortune" is why some athlete's play sports
Throwing event using a plate-like object
If you win a big game you might do this about your victory (another word for brag)
This is what you did if the ball goes into the basket or a goal
If you make a buzzer beater you my be called one of these
It can be free or foul
Long and skinny (the Coach's nickname in highschool)
Famous Mustang
Cynthia works in this department
Spear chucking
This is a type of light
This is what you do when you are doing sports just for fun
This is what you will be doing while going to university
State initials for Iowa
In America this is ONLY the machine for cold air
Best football player in the world, according to you Coach
This is where you can find a calf
A direct foul inside the 18 yard box
How many foul throws you are awarded after you make a shot while getting fouled
Anything before noon
Comes after May
You can play this game with clubs, tees, balls and caddies
If you can hit this part of a soccer goal on purpose, then you might be pretty good
You are laughing if you multiply this by two
This is a throwing event in track and field, although you could also do it if you get mad while building a birdhouse
This is who you play sports with, or who you study with
This is a muscle in your upper chest
This increases during exercise
"___ be or not to be, that is the question"
This is the muscle opposite your hamstring
Retired NBA point guard Jason
This is Gronk's position on the field
This is what you are doing when you run at 100%
This is what you call a "game" for track and field
A joking "tai wei la" is an example of this.
An eagle might do this, or Michael Jordan
If you have proper running technique, you won't slow down before this
You mght hear these if you team is playing badly
This can be determined tips, arrows, or coins
This is a type of battery
"_______ of failure" makes some players great, and other players average
If you don't pass the ball, you might be one of these
In a spin class how hard you work might be determined by this statistic (abbr.)
____ Spurs
Don't walk more than one of these or you might be traveling
Hard work!
Alot of American's don't like football because it makes them feel this
"_____ isn't fair" is one of Coach's favorite sayings
In football, tennis, and volleyball, the line is considered this
Combine this with "kick" and the closest the opponent can be is 10 yards
If you don't put in any goals in England, this is your score
If you're good friends with Pamela you might call her this
Australian flightless bird
This was what coach played before their were XBoxes
If someone fouls you and you make the shot, you might yell this plus one
"_____ Rolling" is quite an entertaining sport to watch
Combine this with "agonal" and it would be an excellent cutting run in football