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Made By: Gianni Brusatti
Completed by:
An animal that eats smaller animals
Lean to a lower level
A rock that is commonly used on kitchen tabletops or on landings
An object that produces light around it like a fire
Solid and Endurance
Obsessed with
A small fish that is caught in ponds or lakes; not that rare
Nicely scented object like a candle
To untangle an object like a knotted rope
Lower body parts of an animal
To move back and forth in a curved motion
Edged to where it is sharp and pointy
A message that is sent from one person to the other before phones were made
To take something that is stunk in a place and remove it
Bishop or priest
To speak in a normal voice
A shelter for animals that like to dig like ground hogs
A bush that is used in gardens that blooms in spring
Carved by hitting another object
Well-built and athletic