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Geography: Western Europe

Last name of Austria's famous family of rulers.
The most visited country for tourism.
Luxembourg is the seat of the European Court of _________.
Belgium features a cultural and language split between Walloons and this other people group.
Portugal is the largest producer of this.
Germany has the largest ________ in the EU.
Spain is cut off from Europe by this mountain range.
50% of this country believes in elves and trolls.
In Norway, these were formed by glaciers passing through.
Finland is known for this.
Spain is the only European country to share a border with who?
Italy's famous volcanic island.
Switzerland is the birthplace of this significant aid organization.
Sweden--the land of 90,000 ______.
Ireland's national symbol.
More than 50% of England's days are this.
The country that is home to Mr. Ryan's favorite toy.
The Netherlands is the largest exporter of this type of good in Europe.