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Teacher: Ms. Zabel
The force that opposes motion and causes objects to slow down
The metric unit for temperature
How close repeated measurements come to each other
The curve at the surface of a liquid due to the attraction of the molecules to the container or to each other
Evidence detected by our senses
A push or pull that causes a change in motion
Fluid force on objects to make them float
An interval of length without regard to direction
How strongly the force of gravity is pulling on the mass of an object
An interval of length that includes direction
Used when you graph more than one set of data to distinguish between them
A tentative conclusion based on incomplete observations
The amount of matter contained in an object
Speed with direction
Attractive force between any two objects that cause mass
One factor that is being tested in an experiment
Each time you run an experiment
How quickly the position of an object changes from start to end point
Mass in motion and how hard it is to make an object stop
The metric unit for time