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World War II, 1939 - 1945

Italy's fascist leader
Hitler made the mistake Napoleon did: he invaded ____ and lost
WWII began when Hitler invaded ___
Battle of ___: Germany air bombed England
Turning point in the War in the Pacific: Japan loses 4 aircraft carriers at the Battle of ____
Japan surprised the US Pacific fleet with an attack here
Gen. ___ became the Allied commander in Europe
The US chose to drop 2 ___ bombs on Japan to end the war
Germany's last offensive attack was at the Battle of the ____
US President
Britain's Prime Minister
Japanese suicide pilots
The Soviet Union's Communist leader
Gen. MacArthur promised the Filipinos, "I shall ____."
Hitler & Mussolini formed an alliance called the ___ Powers; Japan joined later
German; lightning war
Gen. ___ fought for the Philippines
German tanks
The ___ Raid sent planes to bomb Tokyo after Pearl Harbor
The ___ Code Talkers were Native Americans who risked their lives to relay vital information
____ Hopping was the US strategy to get close enough to Japan to invade
Germany's Nazi leader
German extermination of the Jews
D-Day, June 6, 1944 was the day Allied forces invaded France at ___