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Science 6-8 challenge

Shows how energy is transferred from animals/organisms in an ecosystem
When a liquid turns into a gas
The bending of light
What is used to make an object move
Shows how food chains are connected
All matter is made up of _______
Takes the earth 24 hours to do this
Gets its energy from the primary consumer
When a gas turns into a liquid
Type of rock formed by lava
Leaves sediment in a new location
Distance divided by time = ______
Material that does NOT allow heat/electricity to move through it easily
When light is taken in and turned into heat
A substance made of one type of atom in its simplest form
A possible explanation for what you observed
Material that allows heat/electricity to move through it
Gets its energy from the producer
The bouncing of light off of a surface
All living things are made up of _______
Information gathered using your 5 senses
Breaks down rock into sediment
Organism in the bottom of the food chain and gets its energy from the sun
Takes the earth 365 days to do this
2 or more elements bound together by a chemical reaction
Moves sediment from one location to another
Allows an animal to survive in its environment
Type of reproduction that created identical offspring
2 or more substances
Type of reproduction that requires 2 parents