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grayum art review crossword

This artist was most famous for cutting off part of his own ear
How did Pollock die?
A quick-drying, water-soluble kind of paint that artists often use instead of oil paint or watercolors
The technological invention that changed the direction of painting
Collection of artwork intended to showcase progress and overall style
An early 20th-century style and movement in art, especially painting, in which perspective with a single viewpoint was abandoned and use was made of simple geometric shapes, interlocking planes
A malleable mixture of paper and glue, or paper, flour, and water, that becomes hard when dry
How many primary colors are there?
Piet Mondrian is from this country
Geometric shapes are often found in...
Type of oil based colored pencil
A critical evaluation or analysis
Latin American holiday celebrating the dead
A piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric onto a backing
The recurrence of a particular line, pattern, shape or other visual element in a work of art
How many secondary colors are there?
Opposite colors on color wheel
Shepard Fairey created this iconic logo.
The way in which something is arranged or set out
A piece of paper rolled up tightly to blend pencil
Andy Warhols famous studio was called the....
Category of art that refers to views of nature, seascapes and cityscapes
A thin sheet of cardboard, plastic, or metal with a pattern or letters cut out of it, used to produce the cut design on the surface below by the application of ink or paint through the holes
Point/line where the sky and ground appear to meet
Popular English graffiti artist
8th grade art teacher at Lanier Middle School
Artistic process used to ensure proportion. (we used this when creating rodeo piece)
An enclosed space
Art that does not attempt to represent external reality
Art that created the POP ART movement
Artist known for working with rectangular shapes and primary colors
Similar on both sides
A paint of which the liquid is a water dispersion of the binding material
Small bone in the middle of the nose
Point at which receding lines appear to converge
VanGogh died from this type of wound
A long narrow mark on a surface
Organic shapes are often found in...
The arrangement of opposite elements (light vs. dark colors, rough vs. smooth textures, large vs. small shapes, etc.) in a piece so as to create visual interest, excitement and drama
Aside from white, this is the weakest of paint colors
The three "main" colors
Famous Spanish artist who is credited with creating "cubism"
Abstract artist who created "drip" paintings
Where was Jackson Pollock from?
Picasso was born in this country