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Theology Before Easter Break

Holy Day on next Sunday
The visit of the Magi
Celebration on December 25th
Street SJA is located
Word that means to take on a human body
Title for the holy spirit
How Jesus died
Statement of beliefs from the early Church
Third person of the Trinity
The taking upon Jesus to heaven
What Jesus instituted at the Last Supper
Class taught in room 170
Gift of the Holy Spirit also known as fortitude
Symbol used to describe the Holy Spirit at Jesus' baptism
A sacred building
First month of school
Mark of the church linking church to apostles
One of three initiation sacraments
Celebration of Jesus' death
Fundraiser at SJA during Lent
Last month of school
Mark of the Church that means "united together"
Word that means universal
The beginning of the Church
Spanish teacher
Last name of the Head of School