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Nebraska Rodeos

Nebraska's biggest rodeo.
This is the most dangerous event in rodeo and likewise the most popular with spectators.
This showcases the skills of both the cowboy and his horse. The cowboy must throw his rope accurately and the horse must pull back hard enough to take of the slack in the rope, but not so hard as to pull the calf of its feet.
The cowboy once again is required to hang on with one hand only to an piece of a equipment on the horse.
This rodeo event that features a horse or barrel racer and one rider, running a cloverleaf pattern around three barrels in a triangular arrangement.
This City northeast of Omaha will hold the most rodeos this year. Think (HUSKERS)
This rodeo will be held Overton Neb, through June 2nd- 3rd.
This rodeo is held in Auburn which is also the name of the county the city is in.