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Mass X Velocity
Change in momentum
Energy of movement.
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An apparent outward-seeking force due to inertia in circular motion.
SI unit for power
Objects stick together after ____ collisions.
Si unit for work and energy.
Tendency of an object to resistance a change in its motion.
Work that increases speed is ____.
Speed of an object in circular motion.
Magnitude + Direction
Potential energy due to gravity.
Objects deform but do not stick together in ____ collisions.
Measures the ability of a force to rotate an object around an axis.
Sum of all kinetic and potential energies.
____ motion is the motion of an object along the circumference of a circle.
The rate at which work is done.
KE is conserved in ____ collisions.
Work that decreases speed is ____.
Center-seeking force in circular motion.
A push or pull.
Potential energy due to deformed objects returning to its original shape.
A measure of a spring's stiffness.
Energy of position.
Opposing force
F x dcos(a)
Ability to do work.