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A border region between the desert and savanna region
Ancient West African Kingdom
European Power that colonized South Africa
This region near the equator was colonized by Belgium
Cecil Rhodes became rich mining these
The process of becoming a desert
African story tellers that passed on tribal history
First black president of South Africa
Severe lack of food in a region
Inhumane voyage of slaves from Africa to The Americas
These were traded by Europeans for African slaves
The idea of a nation taking over other parts of the world by economic or military force
North Africa nation that is home of the pyramids
19th Century missionary that served the natives of interior Africa near Lake Victoria
A system of racial segregation that existed in South Africa from 1948-1991
Dividing up of a land into smaller political segments
The rapid loss of forest in an area
African people that migrated from West Africa to East & South Africa
West African river that supplied water to the Songhai Kingdom
An east African language that combines native African dialects with Arabic
Health epidemic that has devastated Sub-Saharan Africa recently
Desert that takes up about 30% of the African Continent
Longest river on earth
These were sold by West African tribes to European traders