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Exploding Ants Spelling April, 24

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Teacher _____________________ Date ________
Being harsh or rough
Light in color or shade
To give advice
A spicy stew mad of ground beef hot peppers and beans
Used to introduce two or more situations in which only one can occur
The alternate rising and falling of the surface of the ocean
In at one side and out at the opposite side
An odor left by an animal
They are
A unit of value equal to 1/100 part of a basic unit of money
So as to be clearly heard
That place or position
The act or action of moving in a path
To permit
A round container that is open at the top and have a handle
To fasten attach or close
The state of the atmosphere in regard to heat or cold, wetness or dryness
Past of throw
Noticeably cold
Past and past participle of send
Of or relating to them or themselves