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Voyager - Algebra Crossword Puzzle

A relation in which every domain is paired with one range value
Polygon with 8 side
Answer to multiplication problem
Statement that two quantities are equal
Horizontal distance
A number before a variable
Two or more equations
Average of a data set
Line that best represents data points
Comparison of two numbers
Name of this class
Lines that intersect at right angles
Total amount of space in an object
Value that doesn't depend on another value
Point where line crosses x axis
Distance around object
Equal to 90
Another name for Y
Opposite fraction
One of two equal factors of a number
Greater than 90
Addition problem
the amount of space that a substance or object occupies
Another name for x
A ratio whose term is part per hundred
Polygon with 5 side
X and Y coordinates
Graph with ordered pairs scattered
Little number that raises a power
Point where line crosses y axis
Expression with two terms
A letter used to represent a value
Rate of change
Less than 90
Variable whose value is dependent on another value
Lines that don't intersect
Vertical distance
Power raised to 3rd power