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April in Paris @ LARPD

Escarole is a French word for _______.
An edible French snail!
What is the contemporary glass structure viewed at the "New Louvre" Museum?
Chandeleur is the term used for National _____ Day in France.
The famous quote from Marie Antoinette: "Let them eat ____".
How do you identify a taxi in Paris? The roof sign says: ____ ________. (two words)
Name of the cathedral featuring 386 steps to climb to the top. (two words)
Under the Arc de ________ lies the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
John ______ Airport is NOT the most popular Airport for travelers to fly into Paris.
Musical director of "An American in Paris", Vincente Minnelli was married to Judy _______.
The Musee du Louvre began its life as a ________.
What river flows beneath the Pont Neuf Bridge?
The "Lady and the Unicorn" is a stunning series of __________.
Name of the humpbacked protagonist of novel "Notre Dame de Paris".
What does the French word Egout mean?
Most famous tower in Paris.
A crepe is a very thin circular ______.