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George Washington Spymaster

What time was Lydia Darragh supposed to go to bed on December 2nd, 1777
James___ wrote the New York Gazette
General __ signed Mary Honeyman's safety slip
The colonist___ the British and won the revolutionary war
What month did Washington become a Major?
What month did Benjamin Franklin join the Committee of Secret Correspondence?
How old was George Washington when his dad died?
In what month did the Boston Tea Party occur?
What type of ball did old mom ricker drop.
If you heat this type of ink it will appear.
711 powdered his hair to make it look white.
Where was general Andre to put the sketches of West Point?
This man was a traitor to the colonist to get money and his name is Benidict ____.
These are what General Gage waited for.
This is were the colonists and the French surronded the British.
You use this to read letters.
What rank was Washington when he retired from the French and Indian war?
What month was it when the French arrived?
What month did George Washington become the leader of the Rebel army?
This month the French signed the French-American Treaty.