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Chapter 11 - Texas Government

Teacher: Orth
President with ties to Texas.
Where did George W. Bush grow up?
Our government has __ branches.
Second president from Texas.
Courts and judges branch.
Texas has __ Senators in Washington D.C.
Citizens have rights, __, and duties.
Judicial's function is to __ the laws.
Something that you must do.
Texas has __ representatives in Washington D.C.
Executive's function is to __ the laws.
An official request to the government.
Organized group of people with similar ideas.
Senate an House of Representatives branch.
Father and son presidents from Texas.
President or Governor branch.
Citizens have __, responsibilities, and duties.
First president from Texas.
Citizens have rights, responsibilities, and __.
Legislative's function is to __ the laws.
Leader of country elected by people.
The constitution __ our rights.
Where was Eisenhower born?
"Of a city".
The U.S. government is a Constitutional __.
Give your time to help others.
Provides a plan for governing.
Something that a person should do.
Member of nation.
Leader of state elected by people.
Section state is divided into.
Refuse to sign a law.