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Science Crossword

Alexandra Gorokhova              4/14/17
8th period
Where convection currents are located
Can be the cause when two plates slip along the transform boundary
Magnetic currents that drive earth's plates
Pieces of earth's crust diverge on land causing deep valleys called
A feature that forms at a convergent boundary
When two plates slip along each other
Tiny pieces that make up sedimentary rock
When two plates carrying continental crust
Break in the earth's crust
A deep valley on land that forms along a divergent boundary
Pieces of broken lithosphere
When two plates carrying oceanic crust
Second layer above the inner core
What is the last layer of earth that we ca see
Where earth's plates meet
Whats at the center of the earth's core
The plates are in what kind of motion
The technical term that scientists use when plates continuously move in earth
When lava hardens into rock
What we live on