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Main Parts of Mark

Mark 10 - This rich young ____ asks Jesus how to inherit eternal life
Mark 12 - Jesus says, "Render to _____ the things that are ____'s, and to God the things that are God's
Mark 16 - When the women go to see where Jesus was buried, there is an _____ tomb
Mark 4 - Jesus uses _______ to reveal truth about the kingdom in a concealed way
Mark 8 - Peter's ______ of Jesus as the Christ is the turning point in Mark's gospel
Mark 5 - Jesus heals a hemorrhaging woman. He says that her _____ made her well.
Mark 15 - The Son of Man was _______ on a cross at Golgotha
Mark 1 - Jesus was _____ in the wilderness by Satan in
Mark 9 - The Son of Man will be delivered over and killed, but he will _____ three days later
Mark 14 - The institution of the Lord's _____ is found in this chapter
Mark 6 - Jesus is rejected in his hometown of ______
Mark 11 - Jesus drives money changers out of the _____
Mark 3 - Jesus appoints twelve ______
Mark 13 - Multiple _____ of the end of the age are given
Mark 2 - Jesus shows his divinity by declaring the Paralytics sins to be ________
Mark 7 - Jesus says that what comes out of the _____ defile a man