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Leah's Pony

Teacher: Mrs. Twiddy
Holding the reins tightly
Horses at the race track
Hard times in history
The narrator
What Leah did for her family
Where Leah lived
Packed up and moved to Oregon
Loudly yells "sold"
Held at the farm to sell family's things
Always coffee cake baking
What Leah showed her family
Dew on the grass
Mr. B owned
Can't plant corn without it
Papa bought with the pony
Ten cent bid
Flour sacks
A whole truck for one dollar
Leahs prized possession
Eggs in a basket
Silly behavior
Type of pickup truck
Bought Leah's pony
Turned the sky black with dust
We live in Mason
Type of tractor
Watered flowers with dishwater
Tractor bid
Dried up and blew away
How they made their money