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Christ in the School of Prayer / Lesson 2

A believer needs to know, discern, apply, and _____ God's Word.
Praying in Truth means praying using sound _____.
Jesus came to _____ the Father.
The Samaritan woman did not _____ Jesus.
Jesus was a _____.
A Fruit of the Spirit.
The third type of worship is the _____ worship that we want to emulate.
The Samaritan's worship was _____.
One way worship can be expressed.
II Chronicles 7:14 says we are to come to Christ with _____.
Praying in Spirit is praying with _____.
God is NOT bound by space, _____, or form
_____, talents, and gifts are given to us by the Eternal God.
True worshippers show _____ to the Father in Spirit and Truth.
_____ is Truth.
Psalm 141:2 says we need to set our prayers before the Lord as _____.
The Jews' worship was intelligent but missed the _____.