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Christ in the School of Prayer / Lesson 3

Your prayer needs must be according to God's _____.
We are NOT to give like _____ on the streets for everyone to see.
We are not to announce our giving to the needy using -----.
As Christ's child, He calls us His beloved _____.
Showy prayer promotes _____.
God is _____, He is not bound by space or time.
_____ did NOT give any guidelines on prayer.
Pray to your Father Who is _____.
The secrecy of the inner chamber is entire _____ from the world.
God is a _____ of those who seek Him.
Jesus taught His disciples at the Sermon on the Mount about the _____, its laws, and its life.
God is _____.
The light that shines in our prayer closet is the light of the Father's _____.
Real worship requires heart and _____.
Billy Graham accepted the call to preach while calling out to God on a _____.
Praying in secret _____ our love for Christ.
When we pray, Christ should be exalted while we are to be _____.
Prayer should be done on a regular basis and in a _____ place.
My Father sees. My Father hears. My Father _____.
Do not lose heart in doing good, for in due time you will _____ if you do not grow weary.