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More Greenhouse Effect & Global Warming

IS 9
Fundamental source of energy that drives our climate system
Gases that do NOT respond to temperature change
By-product of fertilizers, gasoline, explosives
Once used in consumer products like hairspray
Man-made greenhouse gas
Results in melting of polar ice caps, flooding, desertification of farmlands
Gases that respond to changes in temperature
Type of activities modern civilization depends on that raises carbon dioxide levels
Long energy waves radiated by the earth back into space
Blanket that covers the earth creating a greenhouse effect
What the earth will become with increased levels of carbon dioxide
Hydrocarbon gas produced by livestock and decomposing landfill
Type of energy transfer that requires contact with the substance
Type of energy transfer in which hot air rises and cool air sinks
Short energy waves radiated by the sun
Warming effect resulting when atmosphere traps heat radiating from earth back to space
Cutting down of too many trees resulting in global warming
Most abundant feedback gas responsible for clouds and precipitation
How the sun's energy is transferred to earth.
Type of greenhouse effect that melts glaciers and sea ice, increasing sea levels
Fuel that humans burn to increase CO2 in the atmosphere
Most important long-lived gas forcing climate change
Country cut off by ice from 1410 to 1720
When an area becomes covered by ice for a long stretch of time
What the greenhouse gases do to energy that is radiated back to space