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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Ben's Vocab. Units 4, 5, 6, 7

Where bees make honey
A small boat moved by rowing
You feel this when something bad happens.
When something is stiff.
A room at the bottom of the house
You use this to brush your hair
If you drop a glass it will _________.
Meal in the middle of the day
Neat and clean
A flexible board you jump from
A fish with whiskers
A band of colors
Cooked apples
You feel this when something good happens.
Where you can cross the street
When water drops over a cliff
Steep, sloping land
A bath for birds
Where children play with sand
To fix something.
A light that isn't bright
A pool that has many feet of water.
The sun is very ___________.
To use something that belongs to someone else.
A polite person
Not polite
You type on this
Assignments you do at home
It is at the top of the house
Keeps score during the game
A baby
A long neck
A grownup
Something that bends easily.
A pool that has a small amount of water is _______.
An astronaut rides in this
Protects your eye
To give something