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Spelling Lesson 17

had a relationship or connection
spoken very softly or under the breath
paying attention to
occupying with something pleasant; entertaining
coming about as an effect, consequence, or conclusion
receiving and providing for as host; having as a guest
caused to come to a choice or judgment
taken or received something with the promise or intention of returning it
performing or working at over and over so as to become skilled
made a comment
to harden into or be hardened into a solid (as ice) by loss of heat
had put or came together to form a single unit
a loss or harm caused by injury to one's person or property; ruined
promoted the interests or cause of; assisted; helped
being unable to find or have at hand
given out as a portion or task
made a gift of; contributed
handed over; transferred; given to
said or stated again
doing something requiring special skill
becoming weary
practicing (a play or scene) for public performance
believed that something will occur and wait for it to happen
surprising or astonishing greatly; filling with wonder
worked or caused to work in a proper way