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Science of Kites

Played a key role in the construction of the first suspension bridge across the Niagara River
In 1899 conducted the first recorded experiment in aeronautics, flying a biplane kite
Airplanes fly because the pressure above the wing is smaller than the pressure below the wing."
Caused by the wind catching on the kite itself, pushing the kite back in the direction that the wind is going
A force that attract things towards one another.
Receiving knowledge of the outside world through our senses, or recording information using scientific tools and instruments
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
scientific experiment to uncover the unknown facts about the nature of lightning and electricity
As someone runs with a kite, the wind going head-on into the kite creates a force that pushes up on the kite. This force is called lift.
The act of making an educated guess as to the outcome of a situation